performance with audio reactive visuals

     Phonocene is an immersive creation based on a story by the philosopher and ethologist Vinciane Despret and produced by Fabbula. It evokes the inventive forms of cohabitation and orchestration developed by animals, giving an account of the formidable power of “sung territories”.

    It exists as a 30-minutes live show with a specific scenography and dramaturgy designed for the event. On stage Vinciane Despret reads and recounts Phonocene from her recreated workplace, inhabited by animated objects, bio-acoustician hardware and her companions of thought. In the public, a spatialized soundscape composed by the artist Antoine Bertin weaves immersive patterns with the philosopher’s voice. On a giant screen, a digital cascade designed and controlled by Mélanie Courtinat reacts dynamically to the sounds of the show.

    This performance premiered in October 2020 on a public square, for the opening event of Biennal de Pensament in Barcelona. After the representation, Donna Haraway proposed her ideas about the notion of Phonocene in a conversation with Vinciane Despret. The program by the CCCB also featured philosopher Bruno Latour, singer Maria Arnal, writers María Sánchez and Irene Solà.

    Phonocene is also a video and binaural sound livestream, broadcast live on Internet video platforms. Remotely, the public attends the event via any connected device and headphones, immersing in the audio reactive images, the binaural soundscape and a live video into Vinciane Despret’s world.


El Paìs - Pensar tras la mascarilla 
El Periódico - A pesar de todo
La Vanguardia - ¿Qué es un minuto de silencio?
3HD -  Reflexions sobre com ser el futur sota les amenaces actual

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