TROUBLE - A videoclip for Agar Agar, about a videogame NPC - non-playing character.

ALL UNSAVED PROGRESS WILL BE LOST - A virtual reality 360° experience about a terrible disaster.

VISUAL CONTAGIONS - A 3D video about the notion of “out of bounds”using a video game engine.

TEN LANDS - A hybrid videogame featuring an open world responding to the music.

SAFE - An augmented reality installation about checkpoints mechanics using volumetric capture.

I NEVER PROMISED YOU A GARDEN - An interactive hanging garden using virtual reality, exhibited worldwide.

L’ACQUA FRESCA - A videoclip for Mansfield.TYA with 3D visuals and VFX.

DIGITAL FRESCO - An immersive installation at the heart of Dolce&Gabbana’s new flagship in Rome.

TOGETHER - A videogame questionning emotions within gameplay mechanics.

AFTER EDEN - An augmented reality collaborative project on paintings.

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