Immersive installation, CGI videos

YEAR 2023
ART DIRECTION Mélanie Courtinat
CGI Bus Group
PRODUCTION New Collective
SOUND DESIGN Antoine Bertin

Located in the heart of Barcelona, the exhibition Beautés du Monde takes its title from Cartier's high jewellery collection, which celebrates the diversity of beauty. In order to highlight three major pieces of the collection, three immersive 3D videos were produced. Each of them revisits and reinterprets the signature of the piece from which it is inspired, with an emphasis on the emotional power it contains.

The first video features the story of a shape-shifting desert, in which sand dunes gently swaying in the wind are revealed to be the delicate shape of a woman's neck, in which the brand's iconic snake necklace wanders. The exquisite sound design complements this transformation, alternating between the murmur of the wind and the sigh of a woman. 
The second video concentrates on a drop of water and its journey. The aerial waltz of a little droplet is being followed and continues to form a dance with a multitude of other drops, before culminating in the formation of a diamond necklace shape.
The final video focuses on a fictional flower that hides a precious secret. As night falls, it closes in on itself and morphs into a bird, shifting to the rhythm of music made from recordings of rubbing petals and birdsongs turned into musical instruments.