Trouble is a videoclip for the french band Agar Agar, directed by Mélanie Courtinat and Jonathan Coryn.

This is the story of Notyet, a video game NPC that has met with a terrible fate.
Notyet was initially created to propose a fun little side quest to the players.
Alas! The game creator unexpectedly died before finishing to program it,
Thereby condemning him to an endless longing.
Even his name is a work in progress, a checkbox to tick on an infinite to-do list.
Not yet. Not done. Not finished.
He is trapped in an island above the clouds, that no player could ever reach.
Alone, forever.

Production: Melodrama / Aurélien Deseez, Loïc Dimitch, Miléna Henochsberg
Editing: Alexis Langlois
Color Grading: Anne-Sophie Queneuille
Label: Cracki Record 
With the support of the CNC

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